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Data Structure using C Dec 2012 sample paper CSE-201-F

Data Structure using C Dec 2012 sample paper CSE-201-F

(a) Priority Queues
(b) Dynamic Allocation
(C) Tree Reversal
(d) File organization

(a). Write Reverse algorithm for binary search.
(b). What do you mean by Data Structures ? Describe different types of Data Structures.

Q.3. What is "stack". How a stack can be represented in memory ? Also describe various application of stack.

Q.4. Write an algorithm to insert and delete an element from double linked list.

Q.5. Give linked implementation of queues.

(a). Explain threaded binary trees in detail.
(b). Explain the concept of B trees in detail.

Q.7. What is Graph ? Give Set, Linked and matrix representation of graphs.

Q.8. How file can be managed in C ? Explain with example.

Q.9. Write short notes on :
(a) AVL Trees
(b) Skip Lists.


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