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Write an ALP of 8086 to add series of N 16 bit numbers.

Write an ALP of 8086 to add series of N 16 bit numbers.

     Program statement : Write an ALP to add a block of N numbers. Assume result to be 16 bit.

Explanation :

  • Consider that a block of N bytes is present at source location.
  • Let the number of bytes N = 10 for example.
  • We have to add these N bytes.
  • We will initialize this as count in the CX register.
  • We know that source address is in the SI register. This SI register will act as pointer.
  • Clear the direction flag.
  • Using ADD instruction add the contents, byte by byte of the block.
  • Increment SI to point to next element.
  • Decrements the counter and add the contents till all the contents are added.
  •  Result is stored in AX.

Flow chart

Algorithm :

Step I       :     Initialize the data segment.
Step II      :     Initialize SI as pointer with source address.
Step III     :     Initialize CX register with count.
Step iv     :     Initialize direction flag to zero.
Step v      :     Add data, word by word.
Step vi     :     Increment pointer i.e. SI by 2 as 16 bit addtion.
Step vii    :     Decrement counter CX.
Step viii   :     Check for count in CX, if not zero goto step v else goto step ix.
Step ix     :     Store the result of addition.
Step x     :      Stop.

Porgram :

.model small


Series db 0111H, 0231H, 0341H, 0456H, 0578H

06ABH, 0733H, 0845H, 0976, OA12H

Count dw OAH


mov ax, @data
Initialize data segment

mov ds, ax

mov ax, 0

mov si, offset blk 1
Initialize pointer

mov cx, count
Initialize counter

Df = o
add ax, [si]
Add numbers

inc si
Increment pointer

inc si
Increment pointer

dec count
Decrement counter

jnz 11
Check if all no. are added


Result : AX = 39FCH

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