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Some Instructions in 8085

(i) RIM : Read interrupt mask :->  This is multipurpose instruction to read the status of interrupts RST 7.5, RST 6.5, RST 5.5 and read serial input pin.  The instruction loads 8 bits in the accumulator in the following format.
RIM Instruction format
 (ii) SIM : Set interrupt mask :->  This is a multipurpose instruction used to control interrupts and serial data output pin.  The instruction interprets the accumulator contents as follows :-
SIM Instruction format

(iii) RRC : Rotate accumulator right ->  This instruction rotates the contents of accumulator right by 1 bit.  D7 will be transferred to D6, D6 to D5 and so on D1 to D0, D0 to D7 as well as to the carry flag.
RRC Instruction format
Operation : Accumulator : Dn+1 -> Dn(n = 0 to 6)
                                         D0 -> D7, D0 -> Cy
 (iV) XCHG : Exchange the contents of HL, with DE pair.
                     This instruction exchanges contents of H register with D register and L register with E register.
Operation : H <-> D, L <-> E.

(v) DADRp : Add the specified register pair to HL pair.
                    This instruction adds the contents of specified register pair to HL pair and stores the result in HL pair.  The example of Rp are SP,BC,DE and HL.  Only carry flag is modified to reflect the result of operation.
     Operation :  Rp + HL -> HL

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