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Sample paper of Microprocessor and Interfacing Paper code EE-309-F Dec-2015

Sample paper of Microprocessor and Interfacing Paper code EE-309-F Dec-2015 
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Q.1. Answer the following :-
(a). Define Memory Segmentation.                                  !!  View solution  !!
(b). Describe the purpose of program Counter in 8085.  !!  View solution  !!
(c). Describe the purpose of trap flag in 8086.                !!  View solution  !!
(d). Explain Register addressing mode in 8086.             !!  View solution  !!
(e). What is programmable interval timer ?                     !!  View solution  !!

Q.2.(a) Explain the purpose of following instructions in 8085.
(i) RIM
(ii) SIM
(iii) RRC
(iv) XCHG
(v) DADRp

Q.2.(b) Subtract the 16 bit number in memory location 2002H and 2003H from the 16 bit number in memory locations 2000H and 2001H.  The most significant eight bits of the two numbers are in memory locations 2001H and 2003H.  Store the result in memory location 2004H and 2005H with the most significant byte in memory location 2005H.

View the solution of the Q.2.(b) here.

Q.3.(a) Explain pin diagram of 8085 and describe various signals.    !! view Answer here !!
(b) Discuss in detail 8085 interrupts.    !!  view solution here  !!

Q.4.(a) Explain flag manipulation instruction of 8086 in detail.    !! view solution here  !!
(b) Describe 8086 Microprocessor architecture with its block diagram.view solution here !

Q.5.(a) Explain instructions format of 8086 microprocessor in detail.  !! view solution here !!
(b) Explain the purpose of EU and BU in 8086.    !! view solution here  !!

Q.6.(a) Write the purpose of following instruction in 8086 with example. (10 marks).
(i) LOOP
(ii) RET
(iii) AAM
(iv) MOVSB
(b) Explain directives used in assembly language program ?    !! view solution here  !!

Q.7. Write an ALP of 8086 to add series of N 16 bit numbers.  !! view solution here  !! (20 marks)

Q.8. Explain the working of 8255 in mode 2 and BSR Mode.  Also explain how the contents of control registers are interpreted in BSR and I/O mode.  !! view solution here !! (20)

Q.9.(a) Explain pin diagram of 8237 DMA controller.  !! view solution here !!
(b). Explain BSR and I/O modes of 8255 PPI chips.  !! view solution here !!

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