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Microprocessor and Interfacing B.Tech 5th semester sample paper Dec-2011

       Sample papers are the best source of knowledge for the students towards their preparation of semester examinations. Students will find all the sample papers on this great source of education. We provide almost all the sample papers here in the form notes and in PDF formats. Here is one of the sample paper of B.Tech. Microprocessor and Interfacing is one of the subject students will study or studying in 5th or 6th semester. Students can prepare here with this great source of knowledge. Students can refer this website for their needs of looking for previous sample papers. We even provide the solutions of these sample papers in best possible way. So keep watching this space for more and latest B.Tech sample papers of all the universities  ( MDU, UPTU, KTU, DTU, RTU,).

Microprocessor and InterfacingDec 2011Paper Code: EE-309-F

Note : Attempt five questions in all, selecting one question from each unit. Q. 1 is compulsory.

Q.1(a). Define memory segmentation.
      (b). What are data transfer instructions and arithmetic instructions ?
       (c). Specify the 8085 signals that are used to enable an input port.
      (d). Explain why the number of output ports in the peripheral-mapped I/O is restricted to 256 ports?
      (e). What operation can be performed by using the instruction ADD A ?
      (f). Define addressing modes.
      (g). Explain Direct Memory Access.
View solution of Q.1. here

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