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Microprocessor and Interfacing B.Tech 5th semester sample paper Dec-2012

           Sample papers are the best source of knowledge for the students towards their preparation of semester examinations. Students will find all the sample papers on this great source of education. We provide almost all the sample papers here in the form notes and in PDF formats. Here is one of the sample paper of B.Tech. Microprocessor and Interfacing is one of the subject students will study or studying in 5th or 6th semester. Students can prepare here with this great source of knowledge. Students can refer this website for their needs of looking for previous sample papers. We even provide the solutions of these sample papers in best possible way. So keep watching this space for more and latest B.Tech sample papers of all the universities  ( MDU, UPTU, KTU, DTU, RTU,).

Microprocessor and Interfacing B.Tech 5th semester sample paper Dec-2012Paper Code: EE-309-F

  • (a). Identify the difference between the ASCII and the extended ASCII codes.
  • (b). Calculate the number of memory chips needed to design 8K-byte memory if the memory chip size is 1024 x 1.
  • (c). In the opcode fetch cycle, what are the control and status signals asserted by the 8085 to enable the memory buffle ?
  • (d). What are NOP and HLT instructions.
  • (e). What operation can be performed by using instruction SUB A ? Specify the status of Z and CY.
  • (f). Write the features of 7 digit display.
  • (g). Explain shift and rotate instructions.
  • (h). What is programmable interval timer.

Q.3(a). Define interrupts ? Explain 8085 interrupts.
Q.3(b). Describe various arithmetic instructions with examples in 8085 microprocessor.

Q.4(a). Define addressing modes. Explain various addressing modes in 8086 microprocessor.
Q.4(b).Discuss the block diagram of 8086 microprocessor.

Q.5(a). Explain instruction formats of 8086 microprocessor in detail.
Q.5(b). What are flag manipulation instructions ? Explain logical instructions in detail.

Q.6(a). Describe various branch instructions in 8086 microprocessor.
Q.6(b). Explain NOP and HLT instructions in 8086 microprocessor in detail.

Q.7(a). Write short notes on directives and operators.
Q.7(b). Discuss 8237 DMA controller in detail.

Q.8(a). Explain 8259 interrupt controller with the help of block diagram.
Q.8(b). What is direct memory access ? Explain DMA controller.

Q.9. Explain interfacing of 8255 programmable peripheral device with keyboard and seven segment display with the help of a program.

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