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Define Memory Segmentation

=>  Memory segmentation is the division of a computer's primary memory into segments or sections.  In a computer system using segmentation, a reference to a memory location includes a value that identifies a segment and an offset within that segment.  Segments or sections are also used in object files of compiled programs when they are linked together into a program image and when the image is loaded into memory.

Some of the advantages of memory segmentation in the 8086 are as follows :

  1. With the help of memory segmentation a user is able to work with registers having only 16 bits.
  2. By memory segmentation the various portions of a program can be of more than 68kb.
  3. The data and the users code can be stored separately allowing for more flexibility.
  4. Also due to segmentation the logical address range is from 0000H to FFFFH the code can be loaded at any location in the memory.

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