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Why CASE approach is recommended in case for large complex software solution ?

Why CASE approach is recommended in case for large complex software solution ? 
       Case approach is recommended in case of large complex software solution because:

  1. It allows designers, code writers, testers, planners, and managers to share a common view of where a project stands at each stage of development.
  2. CASE helps ensure a disciplined, check-pointed process.
  3. A CASE tool may portray progress graphically.
  4. It may also serve as a repository for or be linked to document and program libraries containing the project's business plans, design requirements, design specifications, detailed code specifications, the code units, test cases and results, and marketing and service plans.
What is Case ? How it supports software life cycle ?

How CASE approach affects the following ?

  • Documentation.
  • Programming effort.

  1. Documentation Tools :  Document production and desktop publishing tools support nearly every aspect of software engineering and represent a substantial "leverage" opportunity for all software developers.  Most software development organizations spend a substantial amount of time developing documents in many cases the documentation process itself is quite inefficient. It is not unusual for a software development organization to spend as much as 20 to 30 percent of all software development effort on documentation.  For this reason, documentation tools provide an important opportunity to improve productivity.
         The case approach affects documentation by:
         Case tool:  Documentation Report generators, Publishing imaging, PPT presentation.
         Purpose of tool:  Faster structural documentation quality of presentation.
  • Programmin tools :  The programming tools category encompasses the compilers, editors and debuggers that are available to support most conventional programming languages.  In additions, object-oriented programming environments, fourth generation languages, graphical programming environments, application generators and database query languages also reside within this category.
    The case approach affects programming effort by :
  • Functional Application
  • Planning
  • Scheduling control
  • Speed and Efficiency

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