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Principles of software engineering CSE- 302-F May 2012 MDU B.tech Solved question paper

MDU B.Tech May 2012 Solved question papers of Software engineering.

Principles of software engineering

Paper code CSE-302-F

May 2012

Section A

(a) Define software engineering.
(b) what is data dictionary ?
(c) what do you mean by data modeling ? List out the factors of data modeling.
(d) Differentiate between database and data warehouse.
(e) Define basis path testing.
(f) List out of various methods for finding the cyclomatic complexity.
(g) What do you mean by cost impact of software defects.
(h) What steps are required to perform statistical SQA.
(i) Define CASE tools.
(j) List out the possible errors of black box testing.
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(a) What is meant by Software Process ? Explain in detail.
(b) Explain the iterative enhancement model with the help of suitable example.
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(a)What are project metrics ? Differentiate between size oriented metrics and function oriented metrics ?
(b) Discus the common sources and types of risks in software development projects and strategies to deal with them ?
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Section B

Q.4. Explain the various types of cohesion and coupling in detail. Which one is the best and which one is the worst among them in case of both cohesion and coupling ?
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(a) Define the following terms :  Abstraction, Refinement, Functional Independence, Information Hiding.
(b) Explain the complete architectural design process.
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Section c

(a) What is software testing ? Why do we test ? What are the different testing principles ?
(b) Describe the equivalence class partitioning as used in software testing ?
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(a) Differentiate between verification and validation ?
(b) What do you mean by executable and non executable testing ?
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Section D

(a) What do you mean by software configuration management ?
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(b) Describe the role of Formal Technical Review (FTR) as a quality assurance activity. How is it conducted ?
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(a) Explain SQA activities in detail.
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(b) Why CASE approach is recommended in case for large complex software solution ? Comment how CASE approach affects the following :
(i) Documentation.
(ii) Programming Effort.
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