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Inventor + Creator + Artist @Autodidactic I Anywhere Full Time

Imagine a fully self-sustaining company with no customers, products, or employees, a company that will grow and generate profit year after year completely on its own with no work done
anywhere by any human being.  Such a company already exists.  Autodidactic I (www.autodidactic.ai), a company that started with fully autonomous trading via Tech Trader (www.techtrader.ai), is now transitioning to become a self-sustaining, autonomous company - where all revenue generation is automated by the AI and the humans can focus solely on creative endeavors.  The company's vision is to create effectively a creators' guild, an environment where pure, unrestrained creativity can thrive without the taint of profit motive or outside pressure - a concept they call the "Autodidactic Islands."
Autodidactic I is now looking for additional team members to join and help take it to this next level. All team members become part owners of the company and operate independently to create their own projects, divisions, and even separate affiliated companies as part of our Autodidactic Islands collective. The company is not looking for employees or people who just want specific roles/jobs. It is looking for others to join them on their adventures as partners with similar passion and capacity to do everything from film, games, and music to AI, VR, and other exciting endeavors.

The current team consists of primarily self-taught individuals each deeply skilled in multiple fields and disciplines. As such, we are constantly looking for others like ourselves who are equally inventors, creators, and artists at heart to join us in the vision behind the company.  We believe the kind of projects we take on require the curiosity, hunger, and worldliness that only come from being genuinely interested in both programming and finance, math and literature, art and science, polymath and autodidact.  This is a company built to do anything by people who do everything.
Please do not apply if you only have interest and experience in one field.  At a minimal, you have a solid foothold in each the financial (algorithmic trading, autonomous hedge funds, etc), technical (coding, hacking, fully autonomous AI, etc), and artistic (film, music, games, VR, etc).  It is not optional.  It is not enough to be well versed in only finance and tech or in only tech and art.  It is required to be strong in all three.  You will literally be building companies from scratch and must wear all hats necessary to get things done, with no help from anyone if need be.  Everyone else will be doing the same.

Again, we are looking for people with their own projects and ambitions to join as partners, not employees.  This is not an entry level position and not a specialized role.  This is not an artist support group and not an accelerator or incubator to seed ideas.  We are not here to save anyone, nor are we interested in anyone looking to save the world. This is a team for those crazy and curious enough to build rockets to Mars or fuse with AI for immortality.  This is a ship for those wanting to see how far they can go and not just how long they can survive.  We've built an engine that lets us tackle any project we can think of, pursue any idea we can dream of, and we’re looking for others who can take it even further, others who, like us, have a strong sense of adventure, a healthy level of insanity, and a genuine desire to take over the world... just because we can.

Learn more about what we're up to at www.autodidactic.ai

As a way to filter many who will probably apply without reading what the role entails, please reach out to us directly at apply@autodidactic.ai rather than just hit the apply button.  Note that while we are officially headquartered in San Francisco, our team is spread across the world and frequently travels.  Be prepared to be in a different city almost every other week (not a joke).

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