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Inspirational Quotes of the day

Inspirational Quotes of the day

1."It's ok to fall
but stand back up
and remember
it's ok to fly."

2."It's better to ask
And be open.
Wrong assumptions
Can lead to big

3."The Soul
Usually Knows
What To Do To
Heal Itself.
The Challenge
Is To Silence
The Mind."

4." You will come to know that what
appears today to be a sacrifice will
prove instead to be the greatest
investment that you will ever make."

5." There is no royal, flower strewn path to
success.  And if there is, I have not fount it.
For if I have accomplished anything in life, it
is because I have been willing to work hard."

6."Yo're struggling  again but that doesn't mean
you've lost the fight.  And just because you've
hit rock bottom doesn't mean you should call
it home. You are a warrior.  This battle doesn't
even stand a chance."

7." When the past calls,
Let it go to voicemails.
It has nothing to new to

8." Moonlight is the proof that there will
always be light in darkness"


10." Forget All
The Reasons
Why It
Won't Work
And Believe
The One
Reason Why
It Will."

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