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Difference between C language and C++ language.

C Language
C++ Language
1. C is a procedural language.
1. C++ is an object oriented language.
2. In C we do not have templates.
2. In C++ we have templates.
3. Data is not secured.
3. Data is secured.
4. C employs top down approach.
4. C++ employs bottom up approach.
5. C gives emphasis on algorithm and functions.
5. C++ gives emphasis on the data and objects.
6. In C we are using #include<stdio.h>.
6. In C++ we are using #include<iostream.h> as header file.
7. C doesn’t support operator overloading.
7. C++ support operator overloading.
8. C is a low level language.
8. While C++ is high level language.
9. In C we use printf(), scanf() as standard input/output functions.
9. In C++ we can use cout<< or cin<< as standard input/output function.
10. C does not have name space to avoid name collision.
10. C++ have name space features.
11. C doesn’t have preference variables.
11. In C++ preference variables are used in functions.
12. In C program, the main() function should not return a value.
12. In C++ the main() function should return a value.
13. C does not support default arguments.
13. C++ provides default arguments concept.

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