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Rapid Application Development Short Notes


MDU B.Tech notes of Rapid Application Development


These are the notes which will help the students to prepare for their exams.  

  1. Procedure-oriented programming 
  2. Event Oriented Language 
  3. Integrated Development (IDE) for VC++ 
  4. Integrated Development environment for visual basic 
  5. Components Of Visual Basic. 
  6. Parts Of Visual C++ Program.
  7.  Document View Architecture. 
  8. D-Event Oriented Window Programming.  
  9. Device Context, Application Programming Interface(API), Dynamic Link Library.  
  10. OLE Object Technology 
  11. Creating Internet Programs In VC++ and Visual Basic (VB).
  12. Database Connectivity in VC++.
  13. Database Connectivity in Visual Basic
  14. ODBC
  15. Serialization.
  16. File handling Mechanism. 
  17. Debugging.

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