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Parts Of Visual C++ Program

 There are four major parts of a VC++ Appwizard program :->
   1. Application Object.
   2. Main Window Object.
   3. Document Object.
   4. View Object.

# The Application Object :->
        The application object is what windows(OS) actually runs first.  When this object is started, it places the main window on the screen.  This object is supported in welcome.cpp( if the name given to project is welcome )
       Windows calls the winmain() method in the application object is get our program started.  Thus, the application object really has 3 tasks :-
i) To start the program.
ii) To launch our main window.
iii) To pass windows messages on from windows to our main window.

     Windows messages are special codes along with minimal amount of data, sent between various objects in windows to communicate.  For eg. when the user quits an program windows sends the applications object the WM.QUIT message.  When the user resizes our program's windows we get the WM.SIZE message.
       The application object sends most of the window messages onto the main window object, except for WM.QUIT i.e which makes the application object finish up and exit.

# Main window Object :->
         The main window object displays the program itself, and this is where we find Menu bar, the Title bar of the window and the Tool Bar.  The main window object is responsible for everything that surrounds the client area where the action, the drawing text and the graphics goes on our window.

# The View Object :->
        The view object handles the client area.  Client area is the area where we format and displays the dat in our program.  Infact, the view object is really a window itself that appears on top of the client area.

# The Document Object :->
        The data we display in the view object is stored in the Document objects.  The means the Document object stores the data for our program.
        Overall, the four parts of our VC++ program looks like this :->


Thanks very much for sharing such an excellent information Sarkari Result which is very useful to me.


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