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BMW Brings i8 Hybrid for Rs.2.3Cr in comptition with Audi & Merc

The BMW i8 a sports car that was seen in Tom Cruise's Mission Imposible  4, was launched on Wednesday, with a price tag of Rs2.29 crore.  The plugin hybrid that alternates between an electric motor and a petrol engine to derive power - marks the entry of BMW's sub-brand 'i' in India as the company works on creating excitement around the brand in the wake of rising competition from Audi & Benz.

          Running on battery power, it achieves a top speed of 120km/h with a maximum range of 35 kilometers.  In conjunction with the combustion engine, the electric motor takes the e-powered supercar to up to 250 km/h, and depending on the driving style, range can be up to 600 kms. The 'i' concept cars promise speed and efficiency, which are equivalent to other combustion engine cars. They are also environmentally conscious in terms of emissions.  The i8 promises record low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, at an average of 47.45 km/l and emission of 50.63g/km.

       The i8 which was also showcased at the Delhi Motor Show in February last year, delivers a power of 362 horse power and does 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 s using all the four wheels.

      A changing world constantly demands new Ideas.  The global automotive industry is witnessing a paradigm shift from the conventional combustion engine to sustainable mobility solutions.  And, so in India. This iconic change is inevitable.

      However, the high price tag will mean that there will be very few takers for the car, which will be imported to India as a fully-built unit.


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